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Being a “considerer”, rather than a consumer.

Consider the birds and the fact that they are fed.

Consider the flowers and the fact they are beautiful.

Consider your Father in heaven and the fact He is a provider.

Leave your worried and concerned consumer mentality at the door, and instead, consider first, the Kingdom of God.

Let it change you from being a thoughtless consumer, to a “considerer”.

People who consider don’t accept the status quo, they dream the next God-step.

People who consider don’t walk around on autopilot, numb to the Divine.

People who consider don’t take in junk, they filter with wisdom.

People who consider don’t aggressively dump their one-and-only opinion, they respectively dialogue.

People who consider don’t attend church services, they participate in the gathering.

People who consider end up liberal and conservative, here and not-yet, black and white.

They end up making stands for things they have conviction about,

championing the things close to God’s heart,

discovering areas of need in their broken humanity and take one step closer to becoming fully human.

Because after all: to consider is Divine.

He put it there.

We can either choose Him, or not.

It is the most important Divine breath He breathed in us.

Consider that.


Alone time (A verse)

A late night dabble of verse from a late night Olympics watch last week.

Solitude is divine,
but isolation is dangerous.

Solitude embraces the “nothing”,
but isolation holds it at arms length.

Solitude allows God to draw closer,
but isolation dreads His knock.

Solitude accepts the roar of the silence,
but isolation crams to self-fill it.

Solitude is of the Divine.
But isolation, it’s not.