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Money advice from Solomon 5

Well it’s Friday and here’s the last of my week long look at money advice from Mr Wisdom. I have no thoughts to write on this one, as I am keeping them to myself this time… I will give you a clue though – Jesus was a #1 fan of this proverb.

I hope you have enjoyed the series and that the inspiration from scripture has resulted in action.



Money advice from Solomon 4

This proverb immediately reminds me of the church of Acts – we read about a church that was full of radicle generosity, where not one person was excluded from this new-found generosity to receive, share and contribute to the community.

This generosity did not happen because someone thought it was a “good idea”.

It came from somewhere far bigger – it was birthed out of a fresh and real “Fear-of-God” experience. As Acts 2:43 tells us, “a deep sense of awe came over them…” – this is a vital clue in trying to figure out how to become so generous with our finances and treasures – it’s not about first trying harder because it sounds like a good idea.

A fresh encounter – a “Fear-of-God” encounter that leaves your jaw scraping along the ground in awe kind-of-encounter – suddenly kickstarts in us a generous heart. Only then will we start to see what real generosity kind of looks like.

Today, may you stand in awe… and see what happens.


Money advice from Solomon 3

Priorities. Sometimes we have them so right – other times, so incredibly wrong.

Money advice from Solomon 2

What a sad Proverb – because it is true.

Jesus’ warnings of money echo and haunt me when I read this proverb:

“You can’t serve two masters…God and money” in Luke 16:13 – well, that’s pretty clear I guess…

“How hard it is for rich people to get into the Kingdom of God…it’s easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle…” in Mark 10:23-24 – again, that’s scarily clear.

Below just the surface of these words is a warning – a big one.

Where greed abounds, life is lost.


Money advice from Solomon 1

After hearing one of the best sermons on money in my entire church life on Sunday, this week I am going to blog simple memory verses to do with financial wisdom from Solomon’s writings in Proverbs.

I may add thoughts, or I may not… We will see how we go.