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God defend NZ.

Praying for Christchurch is tricky. Sometimes, there is more silence and listening than there is noise and talking. There is more tears from my eyes than there is prayer dribble from my mouth. There is more saying “You are…” than there is “We need…”

Yesterday at church we corporately prayed for our nation and Christchurch by singing the national anthem, and today my eyes strangely noticed this link in an email more than I would have had I not been aware of the power in the song. For those who would like to join in one of the most powerful national prayers, this is one to play and join in with. Download Cindy Ruakere’s version of the National Anthem here – it’s well worth it.


Prayer inspirations: Come in

come-in.pngA short series on being inspired to pray well by my various “favourite prayer lines” throughout the Bible.

And I pray that Christ will be more and more at home in your hearts as you trust in him. May your roots go down deep into the soil of God’s marvelous love.”

Ephesians 3:17

Last night was a restless one for me. I went to bed after doing a very silly thing: I read Colossians, and then this prayer in Ephesians.

Silly you ask? Why?

Sometimes I have nights where I feel like I have absolutely no faith and it freaks me out. Last night, I had a night where I was so 100% sure about Christ, that I was scared of how small I had made Him.

I became suddenly aware that there are times I leave Christ in the foyer of my heart and don’t let him proceed any further.

Do your life as a disciple a favour – Read Colossians 1, taking note of Christ, then I dare you to read and pray Ephesians 3:17 and see what happens.

You might get some sleep that night, or you may lie in bed with your heart racing as you dwell on just how incredible our Lord, Jesus Christ is.


Prayer inspirations: Always

A week-long series on being inspired to pray well by my various “favourite prayer lines” throughout the Bible.

Ouch. Look at this for a moment: Ephesians 1:15 – Paul says, “I have never stopped thanking God for you, I pray for you constantly“; Philippians 1:3-4, “Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God. I always pray for you…”; Colossians 1:9, “We have continued praying for you ever since we first heard about you.”…

Paul was a praying freak – surely no-one else in the history of the church actually did this too right?

Ouch again. Look at this little story about a small group of people called the Moravians, who were led by a man called Count Von Zinzendorf and see what I mean:

…Von Zinzendorf and the elders of the community were heartbroken. In desperation, they called for concerted prayer that God would send a new Pentecost to their community and heal their divisions and make them one, so the whole world would know that Jesus is Lord. To this end, they instituted a twenty-four-hour prayer vigil—two women and two men praying each hour. Their prayers were answered as a powerful Pentecostal experience came on their community, and they were brought to repentance and harmony with one another in the Holy Spirit. Like the churches of Ipswich, the Moravians continued to pray twenty-four hours a day, with no break, for one hundred years! Wherever a Moravian community was established, twenty-four-hour concerted prayers was also established. During this time, two thousand missionaries went out from their communities to almost every corner of the earth.

If this doesn’t inspire you to pray more, then I don’t know what can. It started with 48 people, and ended with thousands being affected. Constant prayer, deliberate prayer, never-stopping and always-doing prayer changes the world.

Paul did it, the Moravians did it – will we do it?


Prayer inspirations: Be One

A week-long series on being inspired to pray well by my various “favourite prayer lines” throughout the Bible.

Matthew 6:9-13 is famously known as The Lord’s Prayer…but technically it isn’t. The prayer Jesus teaches in Matthew 6, is for disciples to use as a model for prayer – we do the praying. Really, the Lord’s prayer is found instead in John 17 where we find Jesus pouring his heart out in prayer to the Father. It’s from this prayer of Jesus that I want to inspire today:

I pray that they will all be one, just as you and I are one—as you are in me, Father, and I am in you. And may they be in us so that the world will believe you sent me.

John 17:21

Jesus prays that a wonderful merging will take place – that we will be one with the Trinity, as the Trinity has modelled for us.


This prayer comes at the end of a wonderful time of Jesus talking and teaching, and if you flick a few chapters back you will find in John 15 the fantastic imagery of “the Vine and the branches” which will give you far more insight into what he is talking about with “be one”:

Be connected;

Be fused;

Be joined;

Abide, remain, and be.


Prayer inspirations: Light

A week-long series on being inspired to pray well by my various “favourite prayer lines” throughout the Bible.

Ephesians 1 has a prayer by Paul for the church located in Ephesus. Paul prays constantly and with a thankful heart, asking God many things for the Ephesians, and in verse 18 is my favourite line:

I pray that your hearts will be flooded with light so that you can understand the confident hope he has given to those he called—his holy people who are his rich and glorious inheritance.​

Ephesians 1:18

So, to start off this series: May your hearts not just get a “quick glimpse” of light, or a “little peek” of light – but may they be flooded with the glorious light of the Light-of-the-world.