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John Mark. (again)

This guy blows my mind. Let me explain.

I have spent the last 8 months with my home group of friends journeying through the various writings of the Apostle John, and an ongoing theme we can’t get away from is this: God is love. The mission of God is love. Be the church and live out the mission. Like light that pierces darkness, be that.

Today, I see one of the most poetical and genius people I listen to posts a brand new song in acoustic form, and it is this line that gets me:

Like diamonds we shine up against the sheet of night, the jet black sheet of night.

Could this be John Mark’s attempt at paraphrasing the entire writings of the Apostle John? Live love. Live it like the shine of diamonds against the jet black sheet of dark around us? I will let you decide. For now, enjoy this incredible new song.


Invasion:Urban – Live EP.

It’s free, it’s awesome. Download here:

God defend NZ.

Praying for Christchurch is tricky. Sometimes, there is more silence and listening than there is noise and talking. There is more tears from my eyes than there is prayer dribble from my mouth. There is more saying “You are…” than there is “We need…”

Yesterday at church we corporately prayed for our nation and Christchurch by singing the national anthem, and today my eyes strangely noticed this link in an email more than I would have had I not been aware of the power in the song. For those who would like to join in one of the most powerful national prayers, this is one to play and join in with. Download Cindy Ruakere’s version of the National Anthem here – it’s well worth it.

The best thing ever.

This guy is copping some flack for being “the drummer who is at the wrong gig” – but I think he’s off the chain! Go man go! Oh, and if you think after watching half of it you have seen the best stuff…you’re wrong.

Thanks DG for posting this one to me, my jaw hit the desk instantly.


Ascend the Hill.

Some terrific free music (or if you would like to donate you can too) from a terrific alternative styled worship band. A similar vibe to The Glorious Unseen or The Ember Days, and definitely worth checking out if you haven’t yet, so click here to get some tunes.



One of the nicest bands you will find for your winter-listening pleasure – if you haven’t got this free download of the re-produced Manitoba then you don’t have a clue what sitting by a winter fire with a hot chocolate listening to the rain on the roof is like at all.