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My Dad, two iPhones, and a bulldog clip.

After over two years of prayer, planning and preparation, my Dad and his terrific church, MountainView Vineyard in Stratford, are building their new home. The current home on the main street is crammed full and this new one will have far more breathing space, along with a daycare centre and facilities for the before-school and after-school program they successfully run. Within this large story of God’s blessing are several wonderful stories of God moving and acting, and hopefully I might get a chance to record those too at some stage.

I filmed this little video of my Dad for the VCANZ website while I was visiting them for the long weekend. I used my iPhone, crudely bulldog-clipped to one of Dad’s camera tripod, to capture the video footage and used my wife’s iPhone in Dad’s pocket to capture the audio. I’m pretty chuffed with it all, considering it’s all made with (let’s be honest) a phone.