Loving the picture, rather than just looking at pixels.

Yesterday I finished my Bible reading goal for January. Simply, it was to read every Epistle (the letters in the New Testament) in the month, and I did it – but not in the normal reading plan kind of way. There was no “read this chapter, to this chapter” happening in my reading times, but instead something bigger and more panoramic.

There was also a good cup of coffee close to hand, but I digress.

Inspired by this N.T. Wright video, I wanted to sit down and read each letter in one big go. Sometimes, with the shorter ones, I read two.

How does it feel now coming out the other side?

It’s like I have “zoomed out” and sat back in my chair to behold the entire composition after intensely working on a piece of design with my nose against the glass of my computer, and suddenly I have realised what the pixels are all making. I’m loving the picture, rather than just looking at pixels.

I would highly recommend you try it. For February I am going to do the Torah and the Gospels – why not try it with me? As the Community Bible Experience posted on their Facebook page:

‎Would you watch only a handful of scenes (in random order, no less) from your favorite movie?

Would you read only one page from your favorite novel?

Would you listen to just one stanza of your favorite song?

So why read the Bible just one verse at a time? Read big. Read whole books.


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